5 Nights in Bali

In April I had some great travel opportunities. After taking my first trip to Shangri-La, I travelled to Bali with the Mom and Dad for a 5 night stay. Check out this picture of the spectacular coast off southern Bali.

Southern Bali

Bali is a spectacular island with genuinely warm people. Never before have I seen so many people smiling from ear to ear. Being devoutly Hindu most people spend an enormous amount of energy making things look beautiful. The combination of the people and beautiful landscapes really make Bali an island paradise.

There is a slight current of underlying sadness and depression there at the moment. Tourism being the only real source of income for most Balinese people, everyone has been hit very hard by the terrorist bombings there. It is said that the first bombing cost the island about half of its tourist trade, while the second bombing really finished things off for the local economy. Having said that, I couldn’t recommend a more rewarding trip than to Bali, which really is the Island of the Gods. Next time I plan to stay much longer than 5 nights.